Our Purpose

Empowering people to share more beautiful moments.

Photos by Chad Copeland


Small in Size, Big in Quality

You’ll instantly feel the quality of these lenses, and that’s not an accident. With a perfect balance of size and weight, they’re proportional to your phone and extremely minimal. Clean lines and a machined metal barrel let the glass speak for itself.


Convenient to Use

Mobile picture taking is about never missing the moment. The thin metal plate enables your Moment lens to work with-or-without a case. Attaching your lens is both fast and secure. Rotate Moment into place and you are ready to shoot.




Always with You

Its compact design makes Moment comfortable to carry in your pocket, your bag, or your purse. There shouldn’t  be an excuse to leave your Moment lens at home.

The System

Created for Mobile Picture Takers

1.The Phone

Moment is about empowering mobile picture takers everywhere so we focused our preliminary efforts on the largest platforms — iOS and Galaxy.


2.The Plate

Designed to work with-or-without a case, this thin metal plate uses a rubberized adhesive to securely attach to the phone without harming your device. Thinner than a credit card, you can then fit an existing iOS case over the plate forgetting that your Moment mount is even on the phone. Galaxy phone mounts adhere around the lens, not affecting your case.


Inspired by traditional lenses, we created a simple bayonet design that rotates and stop the lens into place.

4. Lens Barrel

Compact in size, its machined metal barrel gives you confidence in its quality from the minute you pick it up. Designed to let the glass speak for itself, we spent months crafting the industrial design, materials, and markings.

5. Glass

All great lenses start with the glass. Both the Wide and Tele lenses are a multi-element glass lens, designed to allow the maximum amount of light while minimizing the distortion. It’s simplicity and beauty will capture life as clear as you remember it.



Real Lens Engineering

Moment brings the experience of  25 years designing beautiful cinematic lenses directly to your phone. Designed by our team from the ground up, these lenses capture better images than anything else on the market. We are proud of their quality and excited to see what you create.

No Distortion
Advanced lens designs minimize geometric distortion to fractions of a percent. No photoshop required!
Minimal Chromatic Aberration
A Minimized via expert glass selection and expert design forms.
Clear Edge to Edge
A slightly larger lens diameter fully optimizes the quality from the center of the frame, all the way to the edge.

The Right Tools

After spending months being disappointed with the existing products on the market we made sure that Moment captured the sharpest image. We’re just scratching the surface and we can’t wait to show you what we have in mind for the future.

Moment Wide
Capture more breathtaking views on mountaintops, easy overheads of beautiful meals, or the ultimate selfies. Its five elemental optical design captures about an 18mm equivalent.
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Moment Tele
Take more intimate pictures without using your digital zoom to pixelate the shot. A 2x telephoto lens that is completely free of pincushion distortion.
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