The World’s Best Mobile Photography Lenses

We were tired of carrying our traditional camera equipment, but didn’t like the experience of taking pictures with our phones. We were unable to get the shots we wanted with our phone … we were missing moments … so we set out to make the phone a better camera.

Moment Lens // Wide

Wide Lens

We made our wide angle lens to capture those epic landscapes and tight interior shots with minimal distortion. Our lens designers engineered the radius and depth of the lens to take in more image without bending it.

Moment Lens // Tele 5b

Tele Lens

Our telephoto lens gets you twice as close to the action with no distortion or degradation to the image. It’s perfect for street portraits, adventure photos and travel.

Capture Stunning Photos

Clear Edge To Edge

A slightly larger lens diameter fully optimizes the quality from the center of the frame, all the way to the edge.

No Distortion

Advanced lens designs minimize geometric distortion to fractions of a percent. No photoshop required!

Minimal Chromatic Aberration

Minimized via expert glass selection and expert design forms.

We Make Your Phone A Better Camera.

We’re committed to making your phone perform like a high-end digital camera. Our glass, machined metal housing, and mounting plate are a single system that works seamless on your phone.


Made With 25 Years of Experience

Moment brings the experience of 25 years designing beautiful cinematic lenses directly to your phone. Designed by our team from the ground up, these lenses capture better images than anything else on the market. We are proud of their quality and excited to see what you create.

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