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Current Promotion Details

Current Promotion Details

Weekend Lens Sale: From January 20th thru January 23rd we are offering $10 off our Wide and Superfish Lenses. Simply use coupon code WIDEEYED at checkout to receive the promotion. Promotions ends on January 23rd at midnight PST.

Which lens is right for me?

Wide Lens:

  • Great for capturing the grandeur of landscapes just
    as you see them.
  • Tabletop and tight interior shots with no bending or distortion.

Superfish Lens:

  • Widest lens for your mobile device with a unique super wide perspective.
  • Get a 170° view without vignetting
  • Fantastic lens for video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to get this discount?

Just enter coupon code WIDEEYED at checkout and click “Apply” to receive $10 off your order.

I just recently placed an order, will this promotion apply to my order?

We will honor this sale for anyone who purchased within the past 7 days. If that applies to your order, simply send us an email and we will apply a credit to your order for the price difference.

Will Moment Lenses work on the iPhone 7?

Yes! You can order for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus right now. You can order a plate for your current lens right here or visit the shop to order lenses (with mounting plate included) for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Keep in mind some phones have large variances which can sometimes create vignetting in the corners of the picture. We posted details here.

Have other questions?

Head over to our general FAQs.