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Case Compatibility

Recommended Cases

If you are looking for a new case to buy that is compatible with Moment lenses, here are the ones we prefer.





iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Apple – Leather Case Premium without adding bulk.
Apple – Silicone Case Simple, clean design.

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus

Spigen – Neo Hybrid Affordable, basic protection.
Elago – Outfit Aluminum Clean design, feels good in your pocket.
Elago – Outfit Matrix Great value, nice textures.
Grovemade – iPhone Bumper Beautiful design, hand made to perfection.

iPhone 5/5s

Apple – Leather Case Simple, clean design.
Elago – Outfit Matrix Great value, smooth in your pocket.
Elago – Slimfit 2 Very affordable, nice matte finish.
Lunatik – Seismik Suspension Frame Durable, but not bulky.

iPhone 5c

Apple – Standard Case Easy to use, colorful.

Galaxy S5

Case Mate – Slim Tough Simple design, lots of colors.
Tech21 – Impact Tactical Durable and slim.

Galaxy S4

Samsung – Protective Bumper OEM option, closeout pricing.
Rocketfish – Hardshell Case Super cheap, minimal design.

Nexus 5

Spigen Neo Hybrid Minimal design, smooth in your pocket.

Master Case List

It’s impossible to try every phone case, but we have spent a lot of time testing the most popular ones to make sure they work. If your case is not listed and you have confirmed that it works with a Moment lens, please help us by completing this simple form.

Please keep in mind that slider cases will not work.

DeviceCase BrandModelCompatible
iPhone 7 / 7 PlusAppleLeather CaseYes
iPhone 7 / 7 PlusAppleSiliconYes
Nexus 5SpigenNeo HybridYes
Nexus 5SpigenNeo HybridYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusTech 21Classic TrioYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusOtterBoxAll DevicesNo
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioRivalYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioRivalYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioNGPYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioHiglandYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioFeather ShineYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioFeatherYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioDualpro ShineYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusTech 21Impact CheckYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusIncipioDualproYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusElagoS6+ Slim Fit 2Yes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusElagoS6+ Slim FitYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusElagoS6+ OutfitYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusElagoS6+ DuroVaries
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusCasemateAll standard non wallet casesYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusSatinBody GloveYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusAppleSmart Battery CaseYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusAppleSiliconeYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusGrovemadeBumperYes
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s PlusAppleLeather CaseYes
iPhone 6/6SiOgrapheriOgrapher Filmaking Case 6/6sYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioDualproYes
iPhone 6/6STech 21Classic TrioYes
iPhone 6/6SSpigenSlim ArmorYes
iPhone 6/6SAppleLeather CaseYes*
iPhone 6/6SSpigenAir Cushion Ultra Hybrid SeriesNo
iPhone 6/6SIncipioNGPYes
iPhone 6/6SSatinBody GloveYes
iPhone 6/6SOtterBoxAll DevicesNo
iPhone 6/6SLAUTSlim SkinCaseYes
iPhone 6/6SKnomoLeather Snap CaseYes
iPhone 6/6STech 21Impact CheckYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioRivalYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioOctaneYes
iPhone 6/6SSpigenNeo HybridYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioFeather ShineYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioFeatherYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioDualpro ShineYes
iPhone 6/6SSpigenSmooth BlackYes
iPhone 6/6sSpigenTough ArmorYes
iPhone 6/6SIncipioEdgeNo
iPhone 6/6SGrovemadeBumperYes
iPhone 6/6SESRProtective CaseYes
iPhone 6/6SElagoS6 Slim Fit 2Yes
iPhone 6/6SElagoS6 Slim FitYes
iPhone 6/6SElagoS6 OutfitYes
iPhone 6/6SElagoS6 DuroNo
iPhone 6/6SPelicanYes
iPhone 6/6SSpeckCandyshellYes
iPhone 6/6SAppleSmart Battery CaseYes
iPhone 6/6SAppleSilicone CaseYes*
iPhone 6/6SAdoptedLeather Folio CaseYes
iPhone 6/6SCasemateAll standard non wallet casesYes
iPhone 5CAgent18Shock SlimYes
iPhone 5CAppleiPhone 5C CaseYes
iPhone 5CESRIllustrators' CollectionYes
iPhone 5CSpeckCandyShell Grip + FaceplateNo
iPhone 5/5SSpeckCandyshell INKEDYes
iPhone 5/5STavikOuter Edge BumperYes
iPhone 5/5STech21Impact TrioYes
iPhone 5/5STwelve SouthBook BookNo
iPhone 5/5STech21Impact CheckYes
iPhone 5/5SBelkinTracy Reese CaseYes
iPhone 5/5STech21Impact MeshYes
iPhone 5/5SSpeckCandyShell Flip CaseYes
iPhone 5/5SSpeckCandyShellYes
iPhone 5/5SSkullCandyWrap CaseYes
iPhone 5/5SSenaLugaNo WalletNo
iPhone 5/5SOtterBoxSymmetryNo
iPhone 5/5SOtterBoxDefenderNo
iPhone 5/5SOtterBoxArmorNo
iPhone 5/5SBelkinOria Kelly Wallet CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SBelkinOria Kelly CaseYes
iPhone 5/5SNicole MillerFor iPhone 5/5SYes
iPhone 5/5SMoshiiGlaze ArmourYes
iPhone 5/5SMophieAll ModelsNo
iPhone 5/5SModaliPhone 5s CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SBelkinGrip Power Battery CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseGrip Slider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseChrome Slider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseCrystal Slider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseMetallic Slider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseShock Slider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseMeta Slider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SIncaseSlider CaseNo
iPhone 5/5SEvutecWood S SeriesYes
iPhone 5/5SElementcaseSolace Series_No
iPhone 5/5SElagoS5 Outfit MatrixYes
iPhone 5/5SElagoS5 Slim FitYes
iPhone 5/5SCasemateFashion CollectionYes
iPhone 5/5SCasemateDesigner Prints CollectionYes
iPhone 5/5SCasemateRefined Collection Brushed MetalNo
iPhone 5/5SBelkinFlex CaseYes
iPhone 5/5SBelkinGrip MaxNo
iPhone 5/5SAppleLeather CaseYes
iPhone 5/5SAgent18FlexShieldYes
iPhone 5/5SAgent18Shock LtdNo
iPhone 5/5STiltpodfor iPhone 5/5SYes
iPhone 5/5SUncommonDeflector CaseYes
iPhone 5/5STrina TurkSnap CaseYes
iPhone 4/4SBelkinOria Kelly Wallet CaseNo
iPhone 4/4SBelkinOria Kelly CaseYes
iPhone 4/4SAgent18FlowerVestYes
iPhone 4/4SMophieAll ModelsNo
iPhone 4/4SOtterBoxAll ModelsNo
Galaxy S5Tech21Impact MeshYes
Galaxy S5InsigniaSoft Shell CaseYes
Galaxy S5SpeckCandyShellYes
Galaxy S5PlatinumLeather Flip CaseYes
Galaxy S5BelkinAir Protect Grip MaxYes
Galaxy S5CasemateSlim Tough SelectionYes
Galaxy S5BelkinGrip Candy SEYes
Galaxy S5Tech21Impact TacticalYes
Galaxy S4BelkinGrip Sheer MatteYes
Galaxy S4SamsungProtective Cover +Yes
Galaxy S4BelkinGrip MaxNo
Galaxy S4RoconHoneycombYes
Galaxy S4RocketfishHard Shell CaseYes
Galaxy S4BelkinView CaseYes
*Tight Fit